One Long Table - 2019


It all started when…

Our neighbors came together to create One Long Table in the summer. We place 25 tables from the Broadway Armory and the Edgewater Art Festival in the middle of the street. Weeks before we hang up signs to remove the cars. We sweep the street, set up the tables and chairs and place a long white cloth across all of the tables. We get food from local restaurants and Otis starts the charcoal for the burgers and hot dogs sending smoke signals to the adjoining streets. .We — neighborhood kids, who wait all year, and their parents — bring out the food, flowers, sodas, napkins, flatware. O’nce the bouncy house arrives from the City of Chicago, the kids and their parents arrive!

Our volunteer kids fill up the water balloons, our neighborhood accordian player makes music so we dance, the artists paint faces, fingernails and take photographs and create sound poetry while the magician brings his tricks and bunny. Can’t wait for this year!!