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While you are here, below is some info about 6018NORTH’s developing laboratory for experimental culture.

Now is Chicago’s moment. 6018NORTH asks how we can best work together to harness this moment to enhance the quality of life for the benefit of all. How can we each create, nurture, and share the power of creativity? * For 6018NORTH’s response see * below and http://6018north.net
6018NORTH is a non-profit space for experimentation, dialogue, creativity, and cultural engagement (in the neighborhood and city-wide). Partnering with artists, community leaders, social organizers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs, 6018NORTH brings together individuals from diverse fields to discuss and employ art, ideas, and public policies to re-invigorate the potential of a community (Edgewater) while serving as a lab for incubating a flourishing, vibrant, and sustainable arts community in Chicago.
Located at 6018 NORTH Kenmore, on the north side of Chicago in Edgewater, 6018NORTH is a newly formed, culturally dynamic platform for communal audience engagement activities. Projects include artists performing, creating installations, and directing communal events, including engaging neighborhood youth to create a community sound studio & garden. 
Located in the most diverse neighborhood in Chicago and home to many arts organizations, 6018NORTH’s innovative programming reflects and builds upon the breadth of this diversity by encouraging interconnections between the many groups and individuals that call Edgewater home. 
* As a lab for incubating creativity 6018NORTH aims to connect, model, and create the magic that occurs when people, places, and purposes are united:
Multiple communities come together to envision and articulate clear, bold, and inclusive creative plans that build on the assets of Edgewater and Chicago and their respective communities. These plans integrate art, design, commerce, public policies, and long-term sustainability to enhance quality of life and meet communal needs.
Collect and disseminate the best and most inclusive innovations and partnerships that encourage community, creativity, and sustainability. Strategies and systems are developed for creating tangible projects that realize these shared visions.
Tangible projects, artworks, workshops, exhibitions, and commercial innovations are implemented by the communities.
The process repeats with connecting…


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